Rules of Play

  1. 3rd grade coach pitches-can strike out. No walks

  2. 4th grade kid pitches, after 4 balls coach pitches. Strike out can be called & swinging. No walks

  3. 5th and 6th grade kids pitch.

  4. Pitcher’s mound to home plate distance: boys 3rd-6th grade 46 feet, girls 3rd-6th grade 35 feet. Distance in lower grades can move up 2-3 feet if both coaches agree.

  5. Bases will be 60 feet.

  6. 9 players in the field at all times & everyone bats.

  7. Leading off is not allowed.

  8. You are allowed to steal when the ball cross home plate in 5th & 6th Grade, but home plate is closed.  Home plate is open when the ball is hit into play, on plays made on baserunners (DOESN’T INCLUDE THROW BACKS TO THE PITCHER), and if the bases are loaded & the batter is walked.  After a ball is hit or a play is made on a baserunner, home base is open until the ball is back to the pitcher.

  9. No stealing in 3rd & 4th grade.

  10. Player must slide if there is a close play at any base (except 1st base).

  11. Batter, base runner, bat boy & player acting as a base coach must wear a helmet.

  12. Catchers must wear a mask, helmet chest protestor & shin guards.

  13. Metal cleats are not allowed.

  14. Dropped third strike the batter is out.

  15. Re-entry is allowed.

  16. Positional players may sub as much as needed while keeping the same batting order.

  17. No new inning can start after 1 hour 15 minutes.

  18. 3rd & 4th grade-5 runs allowed per inning. 5th & 6th grade-5 runs allowed per inning. 15 run rule after 4 innings.

  19. Each team must keep official scorebook in case of controversies.

  20. Home team must provide umps.

  21. 3rd & 4th -1 ump per game (2 is ok if you prefer or the coach that is pitching can ump) & 5th& 6th grade -2 umps per game

  22. Umpiring 16 years or older for behind the plate & 14 years or older in the field.

  23. Teams that are short for players can have kids play up in age. Also kids can play down in age in an emergency but they cannot pitch & can only play down one grade level.

  24. Grades 4th-6th, no player can pitch more that 3 innings per night.

  25. Any player that pitches in any Junior High game cannot pitch in any league games.

  26. To keep the schedule even, if the first game is cancelled due to weather, all of the games will be cancelled Each game site will make its own decision. If the boy’s game is cancelled at one site, the girl’s game can still be played at the other site. Game cancellations due to weather will be decided by 4:00 pm.

  27. Sportsmanship is the very basis for all baseball/softball & baseball/softball related competition. All coaches, participants & spectators must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. All coaches are responsible for the behavior of their team.

  28. This league is designed to be fun & a learning experience involved.

  29. 3rd & 4th grade girls will use an 11 in. softball. 5th & 6th grade girls will use a 12 in. ball.

  30. 3rd & 4th grades should have an extra person behind home plate to catch missed balls.









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