T- Ball League

Instructional T-Ball


  • Outfield Coaches shall be positioned at first and third base.

  • Batting Coaches shall help with batting order and the Dugout.

  • Scores are not kept for the younger players.

  • Batting line up is up shall be determined by the coach.

Game Rules

A. Official baseball rules shall apply with the exception of the following rules:

1. Games shall consist of a 45 minute game.

2. The game may start provided both teams can field at least six or more players. If one team does not have six players, the total number of players shall be divided into two teams so the game can be played.

3. If a batter swings and hits the ball within the fifteen-foot arc at home plate, the ball will be dead and the batter can try again.

4. Base runners shall not leave their base until the ball moves off the tee.

5. Each player available for a game must play the field.

6. Each player available for a game will be inserted into the batting order and will bat.

7. An inning shall consist of one at bat for each player in the batting order. After all players have batted, the inning is retired.

8. The batter may not swing at the ball until the coach has called “play.”

9. There are no walks or strikeouts.

10. No fielder may cross the playing line until the ball is hit.

11. No stealing. Player stays on the base until the ball is hit.

12. Lines are in fair territory.

13. On an overthrow out of play, the ball becomes dead and no extra bases are awarded to runners.

14. The tee height will be set by the batting coach.  Once the ball is hit, the batting coach shall remove the tee off of the base for the base line runner to touch home base.

15. Throwing a bat is prohibited.

16. A base runner losing his/her batting helmet between bases will advance to the next base only, provided he or she reaches that base safely.

17. The catcher must wear full protective gear during practices and games.

18. Safety helmets must be worn by all batters.

19. During the game a catcher will be placed four feet behind the batter by the coach. The catcher shall not move until the ball is hit from the tee.

20. The pitcher shall remain on the pitching rubber or directly behind the rubber, but within the twelve-foot circle. If there is a child that is able to hit the ball hard, please have the pitcher move 5 feet behind the pitching rubber.

21. A nine inch-rubberized ball shall be used for practice and games.

22. Uniforms shall consist of team color T-shirts, cleats are optional.

23. An inning is over when all the players have batted once.

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